For-A VRCAM2 Virtual Studio System

For-A VRCAM2 Virtual Studio System
For-A VRCAM2 Virtual Studio System For-A VRCAM2 Virtual Studio System For-A VRCAM2 Virtual Studio System For-A VRCAM2 Virtual Studio System
Manufacturer: For-A
Model: For-A VRCAM2
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Price: £38,100.00
Ex VAT: £31,750.00

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VRCAM, FOR-A's sensor-less virtual studio system enabling a virtual studio using a one-man-operated, no-cameraman environment, has been updated to the VRCAM2 with even more advanced features. The VRCAM2 system includes expanded camera positions, sensored cameras, and a host of other useful additional functions for program production.
Basic configuration
- PC: Z820 (Hewlett-Packard) or equivalent product
- Graphics card: Quadro K5000 (NVIDIA) or equivalent product
- CG processor: MBP-1244 (FOR-A), Chroma keyer: MBP-12CK (FOR-A)
- VRCAM2 software (VRCAM2 Proc, VRCAM2 Cont)
- Brainstorm eStudio license (Selectable from Engine Save, Desktop, and Global)
- OS: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
  • Scene control
    Scene change: Enables instant switching of multiple CG sets
    - Object edit: Allows position, size, angle, color and texture editing (editable parameters may be limited for certain content).
    - Video wall function (HD/SD-SDI input)

  • Camera control
    - Maximum of four virtual cameras: Up to 32 positions can be set per camera.
    - Keyframe setting: Keyframe processes between virtual cameras allow non-linear movement as well as linear camera work.
    - Keyframe editing: Enables changes to movement speed and acceleration and addition of stopping points
    - Scene transitions: Cut, wipe, show/hide object, walk-in, and a wide array of other scene transitions
    - Sensored camera support: Enables mixed configurations using two of the four cameras as sensored cameras.

  • Effects
    - Defocus control: Enables effective presentation of background subject close-ups.
    - Animation effects: A wide variety of animations (special effects) can be added for the subject.
    - Allows audio files (sound effects) linked to effects to be specified.

  • Playlists
    - One-touch operation: Camera switching, subtitles, captions, scene transitions, among other scheduled actions, can be saved sequentially onto a playlist, and scene takes alone during a live program enable programmed timeline effects.
    - Multiple events can be registered as a single action

  • Direct buttons
    - Usage with a playlist enables the program timeline to be maintained while allowing composition changes and presentations that give a sense of actually being in the audience for live broadcasts.

  • Text input
    - Animated text can be displayed by simply selecting a template and entering the text.
    - Text insertion times can be registered to the playlist.

  • Various control functions
    - Video and audio file playback control: Each operation can be registered to a playlist.
    - FOR-A MBP-100 Series MXF Clip Server can be used to control through thumbnail selection operation.
    - Linkage with FOR-A DRS Series Routing Switcher for camera switching.
    - Linkage with the HANABI Series Video Switcher (HVS-300HS/350HS/390HS/XT100/XT110) for assigning cameras and camera position selection to video switcher bus buttons and enabling control on the video swithcer-side.
    - Support for external remote control, external device control, and tally output (contact control).
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